Soda Extension X Decentralized Club Ama Recap From the 25th of March

Hello, Decentralized. clubbers Another AMA took place in Decentralized Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our guest Owen and Dmytro Kostynyuk from SodaExtension . The AMA took place on the 25th of March .

Welcome @owenDAO @dktostay

Hi all! thanks for having us today

Excited to be hosting today’s AMA with this awesome community. You will love our project Soda!

Thats great

How you enjoy your time here today

So we are going to be having 3 segments basically

The introductory part

Twitter preselected questions and the live telegram questions respectively

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Awesome. Let’s get to it!

Yes, let’s do it!

Let’s begin with the introduction segment

Introduction questions asked by Dc Moderator, Celeb | Decentralized

Q1) First of all, please introduce yourself with us. How and when did you start? What’s your Role in Soda?

Sure! Hello everyone, my name is Dmytro, and I am the operations co-lead here at Soda and Sonet. Previously I worked as a Business Development lead for a social trading system and DeFi protocol. Before that, I worked in the finance industry. I graduated from NYU with a major in Math and Finance. Looking forward to answering everyone’s questions!

Hello everyone! This Owen from Soda powered by Sonet. I am the marketing co-lead here at Soda. Previously I have worked in marketing for a variety of US-based crypto projects since 2019. Very excited for the community’s questions today to let you all know about our awesome project, Soda powered by Sonet.


Wow this great skill sets here

Q2) Can you briefly describe what is Soda?

Soda is a social NFT extension on web2 social networks. Currently Soda has fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and more to come. Ultimately, we will launch our own network to onboard all users to fully enjoy the web3 version of Soda. Soda serves as a gateway for users to autonomously manage identity and data privacy at their entry points across various metaverses.

Soda will educate and enable Web2 users to experience NFTs seamlessly in the following ways:

  1. Library: Discover, share, and interact with friends in the universal library of social assets

2. Tokenization: All-in-one extension to create, tokenize and share social creations

3. Interaction: React, bond and collaborate through tracked activities.

Taking about managing security have you being audited

Additionally, the Soda Market is a marketplace that supports NFT mints with decentralized technology, while transferring through original traditional social networks as communication channels.

This great


Yes, we have been audited through Certik. Additionally, we have listed Soda on the Google Chrome Extension store here:

This is great

Let’s go on

Security intact

By listing on the chrome store, we go through additional security verification to make sure that our product is safe to use for all users


This great information here guys

Okay let’s move on

Q3) What is Sonet middleware and its relationship with the Soda extension?

Sonet is an all-in-one middleware platform to support web3. and Soda is the extension providing a direct entry point to applications. Soda is Sonet’s first Web2 extension that is connected to the Sonet’s middleware aggregator.

Sonet is trying to build a society web upon Web2 to provide a self-sovereign content network for end users, with a mobile app and web browser extension to manage the content.


Q4) What is the roadmap for Soda?

Currently, Soda is just a Web2 extension with one use-case for the social NFT space. In the near future, we believe Soda can expand into other use cases such as DAOs, DeFi, and other spaces, including social trading, DAO management, and even the gaming marketplace. With that said, that requires a lot of development and expansion of features, which we will prioritize and listen to our community on, as well as partner with those experts in their respective spaces.

In the near term however, we are focusing on DAO-use cases for Soda. With Soda you can mint your own NFTs for your DAO community and token gate your Discord with an appropriate bot for those NFTs. This is just one of many features we are offering DAOs across Soda and Sonet, and are excited to share more details about our progress as they come!


Last question for the segement

Q5) please briefly describe tokenomics of Soda?

As the first dApp of Sonet middleware, Soda extracts the key concepts of tokenization and assetization from NFTs. By creating a general equivalent (medium of exchange) to evaluate asset property, and using token property to manage contents through existing Web2 applications, this project enables NFTs to fit in the current business model of Internet traffic monetization to form a brand new digital token usage market.

In support of the Sonet middleware platform, we are creating a uniform payment system using our native governance token $Sonet to reconcile payments and fees for end users so that developers can focus on their apps. The $Sonet token is the governance token for the entire ecosystem and the eventual DAO that will form. Additionally, we are creating a mining network for the validators that maintain our ongoing operation.

Sonet Miner Network:

Partnership and end user incentive payments will be denominated in $Sonet and can be staked in Sonet’s Liquidity Pool

2. A separate Infrastructure Mining Pool will be available for miners that support Sonet’s backend, and rewards will be airdropped in SoNet



Please can you post your social media handles and websites

So ama participants can prepare for the live segement









Let’s go the twitter segment

Questions asked on Twitter for SodaExtension team!

Twitter questions

  1. Asides from the current listed benefits on your site, what other benefits does #SODA plan on introducing to the blockchain space? And how do you deal with security breaches if there should be one?

(Icefeng Sol)

So far Soda has created an NFT minting platform that is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter. This integration allows users to easily share the NFTs they have minted with their social media communities. In addition we have the Soda NFT marketplace, compatible with Metamask wallet, where users can buy and sell NFTs in a very simple process. We want NFT monetization to be accessable to all individuals.

The next step for Soda will be strengthening our position in the DAO space. We are working to implement DAO tooling features around membership and virtual identity. For example, NFT token gating features, among others. Much more to come in the near future!

Steps we take on security are independent security auditing by Certik, minimizing the amount of data collected from users, de-identifying users data to the fullest extent, and importantly storing data securely. User security is a top priority for us at Soda

Soda to the moon


2. I believe every project faces ups and downs, what were your greatest challenges at the early stage of this project and how were you able to overcome them? (Kingwealthjr)

We have a very experienced team with many combined years of crypto and blockchain experience, including on many notable US and Asia based projects. Because of this we are able to act on an aggressive timeline to grow Soda/Sonet without many road bumps. We have seen a steady and sustained increase in downloads and user base on our chrome extension since our launch! We have also taken steps to gain feedback from users and implement furhter improvements to our extension with regular updates

In general the biggest challenge can be creating an engaged community around your product, but because our users are so excited about the future of Soda, the community surrounding our product has grown very organically. Our Discord server is the home of the Soda community and is very active. We also announce user incentives there regularly!

done ✅

3. Can I invest in this project or your project does not offer room for investors? (Lady Deevee)

You should also include your discord link here

As there are lovers of giveaways and incentives here

The best way to become involved financially with our project is to be an active follower in this early stage so that you receive a SoCat NFT (check my teammates profile picture!). We reward SoCat NFTs to active community members to reward them for high engagement. These SoCats help to make a virtual identity to identify a user as a pioneer member in the soda community. The SoCats come with whitelist perks, especially looking forward to our future token launch. We will even be giving 5 SoCats away today as part of the AMA incentives!

For ongoing incentives, join our discord channel here! DISCORD:

done ✅

4.What plans do you have for those who are not on Facebook and Twitter? Do you plan on reaching out to those who engage on other social media platform or you’re focused on just Facebook and Twitter? (DavizNacamoto)

We are currently working on integrations with other major social media platforms. We want all of our user base to have access to our extension integrated into their most popular social media platforms. I will not name these future Integrations until it is announced officially, but they are among the other major social media players. We focused on Facebook and Twitter first for the US market but always have our international user base in mind. Special shoutout to our South Asain community !!!!!!

done ✅

Are there plans for onboarding Africa communities too

Yes, we have kept our African community in mind while planning our upcoming social media integrations 😎

Okay last question for this segment

5. Should we be expecting other special features that may be incoperated into the app in the future? (Satoshi BABY)

Great question. Yes, absolutely! Be on the lookout for the rollout of DAO tooling features in the coming months. 2021 was the year of NFTs, and we believe 2022 is already the year of DAOs.

We are always working to optimize Soda and Sonet to adapt to current market conditions to stay competitive. Sonet is the underlying middleware that powers Soda and has incredible potential for DAO tooling and functionality. Stay tuned in the near future for more.


Thank you for your time

Let’s go on to the last segment

Questions Asked by our Decentralized club members during live session to SodaExtension team!

I am curious about your name “SODA” could you tell us about Origin of “SODA”? What is your story behind or why did you choose this name and how does it represent you?

Soda is an abbreviation for “Social dApp”, and the middleware platform and project called Sonet is an abbreviation for “Social Network”. The naming origination centers around the word “Social”, which is the main passion behind this team and project. We strongly believe that the future of Web3 will continue to transform social interactions in exciting ways. Therefore, we were inspired by the abbreviation “So” and connected with different parts and facets of this project.

Please how does the Social Referral Program works and when would the mobile version be released?

Details about our referral program can be found in this article:

We are expecting to release our mobile version in Q3 2022

IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone???

Yes, early winners of our SoCat NFTs will enter our whitelist and be eligible to invest in our $Sonet tokens before public release! More details on our SoCat NFTs here:

Could you tell us a little about the “middleware” that is used by you in your ecosystem, i.e. how it works, what kind of utilities and benefits it provides to users and in fact how it contributes to the growth and progress of the Sonet ecosystem right now and in the near future? @owenDAO

Sonet middlewear is basically a bridge between traditional web2 platforms and web3. Our middlewear aggregates functionaliity from backend service providers for developers buidling apps, one of which is Soda. The Sonet ecosystem is powered by our Sonet token ($SON) which serves as a native governance to reconcile payments and fees for end users so that developers can focus on building their apps. Partnership and end user incentive payments will be denominated in $Sonet and can be staked in Sonet’s Liquidity Pool. Additionally, a separate Infrastructure Mining Pool will be available for miners that support Sonet’s backend, and rewards will be airdropped in SoNet.

🪄🎉🪅📒📒 🪄🎉🪅📒📒

🎊How can people who don’t have a #Socat get one?

Any plans of Soda going on multi chain?

You can join our discord and participate in the daily-sign-ups channel ( You can also participate in our referral program by checking out our medium article (

Yes, the Sonet middleware will allow for multi-chain bridging

Here are the some important link of SodaExtension









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