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Welcome to the recap of our AMA with SparkleSwap.
Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what SparkleSwap is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading 😉

✔️Introduction with SparkleSwap 👉

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and also tell us a bit about SparkleSwap? @JonahGlasgow

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
Happily as you guys know im Jonah Glasgow the founder and dev for Sparkleswap and Sparkle Loyalty. I first started in this space about three years ago with a project called Lindacoin which took off quite well in the community. After working with Lindacoin team for 12 month i decided to branch off and start our first project Sparkle Loyalty.

My primary focus was mainly in web design and slowly i dived into smart contract development as i got sick of other devs telling me what i couldn’t do all the time.

About 12 month ago i decided to stat taking development more seriously and taking on contract work for 3rd party project to further challenge myself in this space, overall i would say its been the best journey of my life and also the most challenging as technology constantly evolves in this space.

Great 👍

Q2. What is so exciting about SparkleSwap that we should know about?

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
Sparkleswap originally started as an additional tool for Sparkle loyalty holders and slowly became what it is today. The emoji concept was just an idea i had in the back of my head as i wanted to introduce something fun and new to the community but as i started development i realized this could be so much more.

1. We need more gamification to make things fun
2. We need to solve a major problem faced with AMM protocols today
3. We need more emoji’s

That is really awesome

Q3. Which are the most important achievements in 2020 for SparkleSwap? @JonahGlasgow

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
Well i would say for the platform its been quite seamless from a user standpoint.

And for Sparkleswap Rewards Token i would say the most impressive achievement has been how effective the unisocks bonding curve is this really shocked me.

1.5 ETH was the only liquidity deposited initially and is now pushing 100K

So it’s fair to say 2020 has been rocking for you guys

SparkleSwap is an ideal example of what started as something just an idea became do much more!

And we have to wait and see what you have in plans in upcoming months 😁

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
Exactly this has brought a whole new realm of possibilities and with all transaction routed to uniswap we are simply a middle man to keep things fun.

Thanks for the wonderful introduction

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

Twitter question no 1.
Username : @mylhe

Security is a must in every platform. How can we assure that funds with Sparkle is safe?What security measures being implemented?Are your smart contract audited already?How can we assure that you will not be rug pull in the future?

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
Security is always important! This is why route all transaction to the most popular AMM in the DeFI space (Uniswap V2 Router) Our rewards incentive contract will simply be an interface which passes all prams into uniswaps trusted V2 router and IF the TX passed you will receive a swap incentive. Because we are only passing in existing data our contract is rather light weight, effective and easy to audit.

All contract used to create tokens are done with the most trusted source in the Ethereum community Openzepplin and we dont do anything fancy in the main contracts to ensure this integrity is kept.

Please feel free to learn more about them here

And finally all team tokens have been sent to a multisig wallet and are scheduled on a timed release starting march 1st. All LP tokens have been locked on unicrypt for 6 month and can be monitored by everyone here.

Twitter question no 2.
Username : @Ievispham2

What problem you are trying to tackle in Crypto industry at the moment ?

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
Great question! Right now the biggest problem i see with Uniswap is gas fees i mean everyone complains about this right?

Sparkleswap is a trade incentive but also a small percentage given back to the user and not the LP holder this is where Sparkleswap’s primary usecase kicks in!

Random example the DAI-ETH uni pair gave $265,106 in fees to LP holders in 24hrs

especially two days ago when gas fee were +$130 It would be nice to see something going back to the user also.

Twitter question no 3.
Username : @Halady251

I honestly think everyone just want to ride the rave of the moment DeFi, not that they truly have any value to add. How can we trust Sparkles Swap as regards this, that you’re truly adding value?

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
User perspective
- Added value comes from sending your friend some emoji tokens haha

- Added value comes from the reaction you get when you tell people the token symbol

- Added value come from swap incentives

- Added value with every smile

Dev perspective
- Since we are a fork of uniswap i personally would like to add value to this platform and push its limits

- I have three variation of staking contracts anyone can use for other project on my github as everything is open source

  • I love to explore new challenges and we are the first project to offer a kickback to the user for trading on uniswap
  • BILLY:
    Twitter question no 4.
    Username : @lona321ama
  • What role does the community play in the SparkleSwap? What have you done and will do to attract people to join SparkleSwap and build a thriving community?
  • Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
    G1. We need more gamification to make things fun
  • Sparkleswap is introducing its 2nd product and it will be the final piece to really making this fun and exciting!
    Ive set a personal target to have this product released by the 15th of January as it’s a major part of the platform
  • Hint
  • Light & Dark Themes & Teams choose wisely ✨✨
  • Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
    The community will have a major role in which team the pick and hopefully create some light hearted fun community competition.
  • OR GO SHILL your team till the end up to you 😜
  • And in terms of sustainability users are forced to pick a team cutting the mint rate by ~50% (depending on team popularity) plus additional products such as emoji stake vaults which increase TVL
  • a good example would be YFI’s stake vaults minting a whole new emoji token and usecase
  • BILLY:
    Twitter question no 5.
    Username : @thanhhoai91
  • What is the real name of Project Sparkles Swap or SPRKL ? Because CMC showing SPRKL and some people called Sparkles Swap . I am confused. Can you please answer….
  • Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
    Sparkle Loyalty started 3 years ago and its ticker symbol is SPRKL it can pretty much be found on every popular charting tool used in this space the use cases between tokens are completely different as the DeFI wasn’t popular then
  • Sparkle Loyalty
  • Coinmarketcap
  • CoinGecko
  • Sparkleswap Rewards Token was only launched 30 days ago and its ticker symbol is a emoji ✨ due to Coingecko being extremely busy we are still waiting to get listed along with many other projects.
  • Sparkleswap
  • Uniswap Info
  • DexTools

✍️ Telegram live Questions answoered by SparkleSwap ✔

Do you consider to add a DAO component to SparkleSwap so that the community can decides how it develops?

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
This is actually built into the uniswap platform part of their governance protocol so with enough adoption i plan on opening this up to the community so we can all decide future developments goals for Sparkleswap together.

The AMA Specialist:
My Question is Do you have a GitHub account where users can check your source code? If yes, Is BASE source code imutable or not? Kindly drop a link to your GitHub account if you have available.

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
Most of my work is open source and always welcome cooperation from other devs, our team is very small which keeps things easy for us community members know exactly who to contact for support

Team Github

Personal Github

In each exchange made in Sparkleswap we will only have to pay the same gas commissions as uniswap and at the end of the operation we will automatically obtain some SPRKL tokens? being so, what will be the% of tokens that we can receive per operation? And how is this sustainable for the project?

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
Yes you will pay ~ the same gas cost as all transactions made on uniswap we do not charge anything like metamask for making swaps on our platform.

The primary goal is the give a kickback to the user not take more.

Claire Casper:
What does the Sparkleswap team recommend to investors who are watching this AMA, to be able to join or participate in your project?

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
Follow us on twitter and join our telegram so far Sparkleswap have gained popularity by word of mouth. Simply sending a DM to 5 friends about the project has had a major impact on adoption rates.

Sparkleswap Twitter

Personal Twitter

Coin Tester:
Liquidity and transaction fees are always important factors. How does SparkleSwap solves the above problem to attract users?

Jonah Glasgow 🔴🔴🔴:
Since we route all transaction to Uniswap we remove the risk of potential liquidity issues for tokens and minimize slippage.

We are not liquidity providers uniswap is as we are simply a middle man to give you a kickback on gas fees.

✔️Thanks to all of our Community Fans✔️

Have a Great Day

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