$THETA AMA Summary with Decentralized Club✔️

✔️Introduction with Theta Labs:👉

Wes Levitt:
Theta Network is a decentralized video delivery protocol, designed to allow users to relay video streams to other local peers that are watching the same video. For contributing their bandwidth to relay these videos they earn tokens as a reward. For the video platforms that integrate the Theta protocol, they benefit by reducing the content delivery costs, and gaining a more engaged, loyal user base via token rewards.

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

Twitter Question No :1
Username : @dangsaoha2

#THETA: Inactive and useless states are the biggest issues that are happening with Dapps. Seems to have very
Many DApps have few use cases, not even use cases. What did the team do to solve problems like this happening on the Theta platform?

Twitter Question No :2
Username : @Parle_Thekao

Have you started talking with YouTube or other video content services that may use the Theta network?

Twitter Question No :3
Username : @Cryptoboy235

You recently successfully tested the Theta protocol in smart TVs like the Samsung. Tell me, are you going to integrate your technology into all smart TVs in the future?

Twitter Question No :4
Username : @cradled_in

Blockchain adoption is tough, many companies are scared of legal, custody issues, regulatory etc.
How will Theta Network help the enterprises with these?

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by Theta Labs ✔️

Q. Why Theta need decentralize, how would be Theta looking like when Theta will become fully decentralised and how would it work i.e. who’ll be your helping hand ??? Something like bitcoin miners ??? Or some other guys will be introduced???

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