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✔️Introduction with :👉

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and also tell us a bit about Uniworld.Io? @joey_jaz

Joey Bertschler:
Thank you for the introduction

I’m Joey from I work with various blockchain and AI companies such as bitgrit since 2017. A lot of my work revolves around data science and blockchain tech

So your role is purely technical?

Joey Bertschler:
UniWorld started quite a while ago during the early Ethereum days. We wanted to solve the scalability, interoperability and regulatory issues with e.g. the ERC20 protocol and Blockchains in general. Because we didn’t want to raise any money before we had an actual product, we skipped the 2017 ICO wave and focused on R&D using the revenue we make from our bot solutions. Now we are at the mainnet stage and our products, though rough, are ready for the users.

Simply speaking is a big tech company

I mostly do technical writing, marketing and managing things

For example white papers, checking if a protocol is compliant with regulations and then finding the right person for the job to get the proper paper work for legal compliance

Other days I write a technical article on Forbes and then hold meetings with interested investors

Think of me simply as a writer and buiz dev guy

Okay. Got it! And from what I read above Uniworld.Io has finally become ready for everyone.

Q2. What services or solutions is Uniworld.Io providing currently?

Joey Bertschler:
That’s right. A lot of our services have been running for a while but without much exposure since we were still testing. After years of development we had to be sure everything runs smoothly after all

UniChain.World, and many more

Uni offers a highly scalable blockchain, chatbots, crypto wallets/digital payment, a social media platform and a dAPP platform and a secure messaging app with all of these features included — Wallet (free UNW for first time users) — corporate outreach/ page to request custom software solutions on — social
UniMe (app)
& of course — the infamous blockchain platform

So is the secure messaging app?

Joey Bertschler:
That’s the social platform

Okay. Can you share how the messaging plays a role

Joey Bertschler:
UniMe is Uni’s mobile application

It uses the newest technology to reach a new level of security and comes with more advanced chatbots and money send/receive features

It uses special protocols to prevent any data from ever being stored anywhere making it impossible to do malicious things with it

Q3. What do you think of DeFi and will Uniworld.Io have any role in it?

Joey Bertschler:
Certainly. For any application to work it must be functional. A lot of things only work out on paper. The idea of going to the moon isn’t all that difficult to come up with, but it’s hard to do. Uni’s blockchain can handle a million transactions per second without significant trade-off

Without such a level of functionality everything else becomes meaningless even with the best intentions

If your transaction fees are too high, traffic is too digested or or or — it doesn’t work outside of your whitepaper

UniChain utilizes a hybrid solution to manage that namely DPoS + HotStuff

You are right. Saying and doing is completely different

Now we come to my last question

Q4. Finally, what does Uniworld.Io plans to achieve by the end of this year?

Joey Bertschler:
Our systems handled the stresstests better than expected, so we are now focusing on getting even more users, listing on more exchanges and offering more and more things to do with UNW to increase utility.

Our next exchange listing is planned for the 7th (Korea) with many more coming soon after

That’s really close

Thanks for the good news

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

Twitter Question no 1. (Pramod Sankhla)
Username : @Pramodsankhla3

The two main flagships of UniWorld are UniBot & Blockchain itself called UniChain, can you explain what UniBot is, what types of protocols & TPS is UniChain achieved & how does this solution intertwine with UniMe?

Joey Bertschler:
UniBot is the name of Uni’s chatbots and automation tools and they are mainly integrated in all of our other services such as UniChain or UniMe

UniChain doesn’t employ protocols such as ERC20 — it’s an independant chain and developers can either make their own protocls/ smart contracts or integrate existing ones from any other chain due to UniChain’s highly interoperable nature (easy import/API)

Twitter Question no 2 : (rosanela cabrera zam)
Username : @Rosanela08

Uniworld has an early referral program that gives users 5% from each direct transaction using their affiliate links. Is this program permanent to the ones that join now, or when is it supposed to end? after that, will the early adopter keep any benefit?

Joey Bertschler:
It’s permanent. Early adopters will receive additional bonuses while late adopters will only 5%

Twitter Question no 3 : (Lokmani Dixit)
Username : @ilokmanidixi_04

What kind of blockchain is UNICHAIN? And, how will UNICHAIN solve major blockchain problems such as lack of scalability and security, lack of standardization: limited interoperability and Integration with legacy systems?

Joey Bertschler:
If Uni decides there will be higher referral awards, early adopter awards will be increased accordingly

UniChain is not build on top of another blockchain, it’s its own thing

A DPoS + HotStuff blockchain. In less technical words: a very modern, secure, decentralized and immutable ledger with a lot of transactions per second

It solves these problems with more effective technology and by combining new methods. I can’t really explain this without getting very technical so please refer to the white paper

Here is the white paper on how exactly that works:

Twitter Question no 4: (Crypto)
Username : @DurdenMagnat

What is the role of the TextSecure protocol in UniWorld applications? Why is it so important to the ecosystem?

Joey Bertschler:
Unless there is an error on the side of the user (for example their password is 123 or they share it with others) they can’t be hacked. Their data can’t be stolen.

As the name suggests, it’s simply about security

Twitter Question no 5 : (AirLion)
Username : @Trung34566

Although ETH 2.0 is delayed to next year, but it will solve all exist problem of ETH and become the best choise for dApps in future, so do you think this is a threat for UniWorld and how could you overcome this barrier?

Joey Bertschler:
That is assuming everything runs smoothly with ETH2. Since both systems utilize solidity, developers can operate freely

On top of that, as the “Uni” in UniChain suggests, UC was built to unify and work together, not dominate

Any blockchain or dapp can both be built with/on uni but also as their own thing and then connected with Uni

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by ✔️

How does UNIWORLD plan to generate revenue to keep the project afloat and what is its revenue model? How can this benefit both investors and your project?

Staking and DeFi are the hottest topics in the crypto space … are there any plans to implement DeFi and the betting program on the UniWorld platform?

Joey Bertschler:
First question

We charge fees on transactions. These fees are so low that they reach dust level, but there is quantity. We also charge for our bots (API calls and/or creation of data sets depending on the customer) and custom software solutions (enterprise).

Why did you choose DPoS algorithm for the UniChain network? How does your UniChain DPoS-Hotstuff consensus algorithm work?

How is Uniworld different from FETCH in terms of artificial intelligence technology?

Joey Bertschler:
Best explained in the whitepaper

Angga Yohannes:
1. I have a question on your initial vision and the goal of this startup. When you say that your technology with Uniworld empowers mass adoption, how does it?

2. I see DeFi are viral today. What do you think of the DeFi Market, do you think it is promising?

Joey Bertschler:
Millions of transactions per second, it’s simply on another level

DeFi market is promising, but the question is rather vagaue

Oleg Dubinskiy:
Great news, Unichains is capable of 1 million transactions per second. However, beyond this fact, what clear advantage does UniChain have over Ethereum 2.0 when it comes to DeFi or DApps?

Joey Bertschler:
Higher interoperability for developers and other projects to use/build
& less prominent and vurnerable to hacks due to it’s different data approach

Диего | Diego | ディエゴ | Satoshi Club:
I think that if blockchain is intended for commercialization, it should be as decentralized and scalable as possible. So how does UniChain solve this problem?


Joey Bertschler:
Scaling and cooperation through interoperability

First off, the industry is fragmented and uncertain, causing blockchain projects to under-raise, projects to be non-compliant, and regulatory confusion.

There are no agreed upon frameworks, few true security tokens, and virtually no liquidity. The industry doesn’t have a playbook. Even under ETH2 that doesn’t necessarily change. We need a one for all and all for one approach

🔔 I was reading about some of the functions of your ‘UniME’ app and I realized that it is very similar to Telegram. chats, bot, audio, video … what are some of the additional functions of this app compared to Telegram?

Joey Bertschler:
More sophisticated bots, more secure (different approach at handling data) & more payment features coming spanning across all variants

AI is expected to replace traditional managers while you build a smart society. 5.0, what is your opinion on artificial intelligence. Do you think it can coexist with traditional ones or replace them?

Can you tell us what is the main role of the UNIWorld token in your ecosystem? Explain the usefulness and use cases in the real world?

Joey Bertschler:
Uni relies heavily on AI. Unlike models like GPT3 (which we couldnt praise enough) Uni focuses on using high quality training data to employ better models and AI however

Sarah Iq:
Now the market is flooded with many projects, extreme competition. How will you ensure your project always get users and stay above your competitors?

Joey Bertschler:
In terms of projects with actual value competition is fairly low. More than 80% of ICOs in 2017 were scams and of the current projects a suprising number of use cases would be better solved not even using blockchain in the first place.

That being said, Uni doesn’t need to outpace competitors for it uses completely new approaches. It doens’t see the others as competitors but rather allies

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