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Welcome to the recap of our AMA with Yield Bank.
Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what Yield Bank is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading 😉

✔️Introduction with Yield Bank : 👉

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First question of Introduction :

Q1. Can you provide a brief introduction to the core team behind Yield Bank?

Sure! The team was created summer of 2020. We are a passionate mix of entrepreneurs and blockchain developers. At the inception of the project, we found a great partner in WinJit Technologies who would help us develop the project and bring it to life. That is how the iYield team came to be.

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Q2. Can you talk a bit about what innovations has Yield Bank brought to the table in DeFi?

That is a great question. First and foremost, we aim to simplify the user experience in DeFi and bring over the traditional crypto user (think somebody who just buys Top10 cryptos by marketcap and keeps them on Binance or Coinbase) into DeFi. Right now a lot of people are still kept out of DeFi because it is too alienating and appears risky to use, so this is an issue we are tackling head on.

Other than our regular set of products we as a DeFi platform have, such as staking, yield farming, vaults with automated trading strategies, we have some very groundbreaking products that are sure to bring the masses to our platform to use these products.

Liquid Lend is our lending and borrowing product which allows users to take their LP tokens and use them as a collateral when taking out a loan. This unlocks billions of dollars currently locked away in liquidity pools of various DeFi protocols to be once again freed-up and used elsewhere. This has immense potential to complete reshape DeFi and most of profit-generating strategies DeFi is currently using. The best part about Liquid Lend is that after paying the loan back, the user gets their collateral — the LP token, back WITH the profits the LP token was generating while it was being held in a smart contract as collateral. This is huge for DeFi and will change the market forever !

We also have DeFi style Futures contracts trading, i.e. trading of derivatives. Basically, a decentralized version of a BitMEX, where users get to keep the profits from the liquidated positions and fees charged to traders. We are effectively allowing you to be an equity holder in a decentralized derivatives exchange.

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Amazing 😎 It shows a lot of transparency

Next question🙋

Q3. Can you briefly describe the full suite of products of Yield Bank?

We have a plethora of apps and products at Yield Bank, staking, yield farming, vaults with various automated trading strategies with varying degrees of risk level, lending and borrowing, Liquid Lend (LP token collateralization), we have our own internal automated market maker which will boost liquidity in our own pools while simultaneously being convenient for our users to have an AMM on-hand inside the platform to deposit liquidity into any pool in the DeFi market, we have built a database layer from scratch for our users which you can see in the „My Account“ App on our platform — the app is used to see all your transaction history, profits, gas fees, etc. etc. in a concise manner. You can even export it to a PDF file with more features coming soon. We are building a marketplace for LP tokens specifically, we will also have some games on the platform if nothing is happening on the charts, we will have news feed inside the platform, and there’s a lot more features coming! We have DeFI futures, a leveraged futures trading platform fully in a DeFi pool manner with execution and settlement of trades on a L2, we have a SendIt app that allows you to transfer in and out of crypto the first in DeFi to onboard and offload your assets WITHOUT KYC locally stored in our platform. We will have many new innovative features coming soon that also will mold DeFi further into the proper direction of real mass adoption and less joking areas of money management.

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Thats a lot of work and by your words it is clear Yield Bank is well on track to achieve its goals.

We’ve been in development for over 6 months and currently self funding all of it spending our own funds of now over $440,000 USD ! We aren’t messing around and have come to truly stamp our names in DeFi foundation forever

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Last question of the Introduction.

Q4. What is Yield Bank gunning for further in 2021 ?


We will be adding a Layer 2 solution BSC to our launched networks this month, listing on big centralized exchanges, partnerships with other big DeFi players, deploying our new products onto mainnet and integrating them into the platform, a mobile App for tracking Yield Bank Yield Farming strategies, APYs, tracking your portfolio etc. and there’s a few more things coming that we can’t talk about yet.

Oh almost forgot our VISA Debit Card also

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Thank you @The_yB_CEO , super insightful and very easy to understand.


Can you share something about your Visa Debit card future?

We made one of our core features of Yield Bank to simplify everything for the average crypto user. Too many crypto holders are left on the sideline because DeFi was too technically challenging, we wanted to make sure in our mission that everything was easy to use and understand.

Sure, inside Yield Bank all users have a proprietary account number pegged to their ETH address. This account number is yours for life and follows you throughout Yield Bank forever logging your usage and transactions internally for your record keeping but it also acts as a real account number that will host your assets in house. We will allow users to designate and host their assets or portions of their assets on our platform and issue them a VISA debit card for usage. You will be able to spend your assets in anyway you’d like just like a regular visa card. Did you stake today and make $200? Instantly spend it on your card just like that. Those are the plans for our card .

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Very Impressive👍👍

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

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Twitter question no 1.

YIELD BANK’s Staking & Farming model has an update divided into phases. Each phase is broken down into several cycles. Can you explain briefly how the mechanism and the benefits it can get?

Question 1

Oh nice that comes from someone who actually must have read our articles ! That’s refreshing ! Yield Bank has developed staking tiers and epoch tiers to ensure that rewards are fairly distributed to the longest stakers and not the highest stake amounts. We have restrictions in place that prevent whales from gobbling up all of the rewards, but at the same time allow them to gain more then the average share. By generating tiers a user is paid rewards at higher multipliers based on the length of time users stake, getting higher multipliers as the tiers increase. Further we have broken down our rewards into epochs that are based over a 6 year period to ensure the rewards last and do not saturate the market with only sell pressure thus creating a further scarce supply. With the rewards epochs broken out in a timed manner, it allows our tokens mechanics that rejuvenate rewards based off sell taxes to build up new rewards again in the epoch. This creates a cycle of almost unlimited rewards ALL without needing a MINTER. The work and research just had to be put into the staking and farming system the problem was no other protocol cared to take the time to make it right. WE DID.

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Twitter question no 2.

With the increasing demand for products and projects on DeFi, is Yield Bank one of the quality projects and what will bring an advantage to the market?

Question 2

One of Yield Banks key features is the ability to unlock liquidity that sits idle in all pools throughout DeFi through our Liquid Lend product. Liquid Lend allows you to use your LP tokens as collateral to take out loans and borrow against them all while allowing your liquidity to stay in the pool you have it in and gain fee profits. You can then use that money to hedge or leverage elsewhere in our platform or anywhere in DeFI. This innovation will change DeFi as we know it unlocking BILLIONS of dollars in UNISWAP and other comparison pools alone. All new money unlocked to be free flowing throughout the DeFI market through collateralization and Debt notes. We are the first to market and code this product with a major competitor Maker DAO announcing recently they are copying our product. We think that if they are copying a product ONLY we have its pretty innovative.

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Twitter question no 3.

As a DEFI company it will not complete without burn or buyback system. So does $YieldBank have burn/buyback system to increase value of $Yieldbank? If you have, how does that feature work?

Question 3

AHHH ONE OF OUR BEST !!!! Our buyback system is one of the best in DeFi if not perfect. We have effectively created the perfect feedback loop. When yB or yCASH is sold our custom autonomous algorithm charges each seller a tax that automatically adjust based on market downtrend conditions, if users are dumping in tandem the tax increases therefore increasing the buy back amount. After the tax is taken a portion of that tax is then brought to the open market to buy the yB token off the market and sent directly to the burn address deflating our already low supply of 75,000, another portion of the tax goes to the Peoples Fund a fund that collects this tax money and pays dividends to ALL HOLDERS of the yB and yCASH tokens. This function happens for the life of the contract and will always pay out any user who holds our tokens in their wallets These taxes will without a doubt for the first time relive sell pressure and through game theory teach users the proper time to sell and that’s in profit not when its dumping especially if the price will just be back to where you were about to dump at automatically. It also will be the first token to pay dividends to holders for life.

🌍 Community ask question by Website 👨‍💻

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Website question no 1.
From : Priya (@Priya_Kolkata)

In addition to crypto you also gave option to deposit traditional currencies. Why is that ? Why not only crypto ?

We never gave this option on our site and think you have us confused with another protocol called YIELD we are not them. They are a centralized app trying to pretend to be DEFI

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Website question no 2.
From : John (@john_dook)

How do you plan to tapped the untapped South Asian market?

We have been in talks with partnering with a few VC firms in the Asian market and Asian market exchanges specifically LBank and HotBit have been in negotiations with us for over a month. We want to ensure Yield Bank reaches the Asian market as we believe they are in desperate need of DeFI and crypto money management products and will make sure we reach them with our launch.

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Website question no 3.
From : Karlos (@K_Decek)

How are you able to neutralize the risk in the investments ?

This is a loaded question no risk is neutralized in investments and that is the pure definition of a investment. lol There’s really no other way to answer this question.

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by Yield Bank ✔

Cristóbal Zamora:
They comment that through yGasSaver it is possible to save up to 90% in commissions. Could you briefly explain how yGasSaver works and compare the commission savings with a common etherium transaction?

Glad you asked. So in our platform we have taken many transaction and combined them into one TX that would normally be 3 or 4 transactions. Our devlopers have created many areas where you will only have to pay gas once instead. For instance to stake on our platform normally you need to have added liquidity get your LP tokens then approve those LP tokens to spend then stake those LP tokens. On our platform you simply select your assets click stake and we will do the entire process in ONE TX. That is just one way of many that we utilize yGasSaver throughout Yield Bank

Is Yield Bank project a Global project ?
Is any of the local communities restricted from contributing to the project ?

Yield Bank believes in a open decentralized platform for ALL to use. We wanted to empower everyday users to gain yields and profits from their assets just like a wealthy person would have access to the same tools but normal everyday people wouldn’t. We do not restrict anyone from bettering their financial lives and we will remain diligent in making sure that stays a principle we live by.

Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Yes they do our governance system being built is that of the more democratic style. We will give all of our holders a voice regardless of their share of tokens and not only to the users who own the most tokens to line their pockets. We live for feedback and critics so we can create a better platform for all.

A countless numbers of DeFi project are vulnerable to bugs and hacking. Which could cost investors or stakers a lot. How frequent do you audit your smart contracts. Any external agent involved.

We have contracted and partnered with one of the biggest and best in the business our contracts have been extensively audited and will be regularly audited upon updates and new innovations. No expense was spared here and trust me you could have bought a midsized sedan for these audit costs !

Read the full audit report 👇

We;d also like to mention that our project is self funded we did not have a presale and give investors a blank token and a whitepaper. We developed a full working product to market before our sale so our users who come in have something to make money immediately and to leverage. Too many projects investors have just thrown their money at them and had to wait months for the developers to come up with nothing. We spent over 440,000 USD on this project of OUR money. If that doesn’t earn some respect your priorities are wrong !

| DK | 🌿 | Never PM/DM First 🐞 Decentralized Club:
Finally :) any upcoming great news or updates?

Everyone’s just gonna have to follow us for that !! The biggest news we have right now is our sale running all prices are discounted with immediate profits once listed at higher prices. We are officially open for business on UNISWAP March 7 and you can stake and farm lock up etc all on the platform that day.

✔️Thanks to all of our Community Fans✔️

Have a Great Day

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